Your favourite bird is back!

Hello Folks, calm down, calm down!!!  – for TDF is back!

Sorry for not being online during summer holidays, but you probably have had a nice time without me during the summer anyway? Summer holidays is time to spend with family and folks,
not to hang around the TDF-homepage!
But now schools started, work started and the “oh-so-important” indoor season of our favourite hobby has pre-started. Time to get that beautiful pinkish pale tan again in the darkness of our garage pits. For where no sun shine great things of beauty are being created.

On the TDF’s top list for the indoor season 2015 stands:

-MG Midget top-end rebuild
-The Porsche 356B will be off to the painters
-Assembly of the Volvo 1953 PV engine
-Completion of the Honda C110
-Get that freekin’ Enzmann on the road for 2016

In other words, TDF looks forward to a calm and nice fall. And it seems as if there will be some time for just having fun as well!
Remember the Honda 125 Café project? This will continue, presumably on coffee-brakes (there are considerable amount of coffee-brakes at the TDFcc! (Occasionally even tea breaks, but only when there’s a brit on the engine stand or on the hoist!)
And of course there will be more drinks, more on the TDFcc lounge, and more, more, more of all things TDF!


Peace my followers, and remember – Spread the TDF -gospel, for there are definitely no negative waves at TDFcc!








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