With great sorrow TDF must report the loss of Don Featherstone


As you all know TDF is a big fan of Don’s work, especially the design of the original Pink Plastic Flamingo (designed in 1957).  But Don also made more that 600 other designs during his 43 years of employment at Union Products. He is also known for his wife and him matching their outfit during the years with same pattern shirts and skirts!

Don Featherstone – a true inspiration!

So it is with great sorrow TDFcc received the news that Don passed away this last Monday (coincidently on the official recognized International Pink Flamingo day 22nd of June) at the mere age of 79. Our condolences and thoughts are with his family

– R.I.P. Don Featherstone


Read up more on Don, the Plastic Flamingo and his wonderful wife on:






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