WERA forever

TDF just landed this little badboy as a Christmas present (yes, flamingos celebrate Christmas too)!
With the WERA Tool-Check PLUS TDF seriously doubt that there ever again be any problems when making roadside repairs.
Honestly, you know that the standard kit that comes with your bike hardly covers it all, and that’s where the WERA comes to rescue!
Use the pen as reference and you’ll see that this is actually a kit that would fit nicely in your tank bag or your sidepocket
(though I would not use the belt clip and ride!). All the bits, Torx, Philips and sockets (5.5 – 13) that you need. And the tiniest of ratchet-handles.
German made, it is of “Über-qualität”, as always!
Get yours today at: www.wera.de


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