The Yoke is on TDF

Progress with the top yoke for the front fork of the Coffee-Break-Cafe-Racer (maybe I should start to call it CBCR for short? Got both a Honda, and Punk Rock ring to it, don’t ya think?)

anyway… The bike will have clip-ons instead of the standard Honda handlebar. Though most people would just keep the yoke as it is, or hunt down another front end (with a plain top yoke) – that is not the flight of the flamingo…

Nope, got one of my welder friends to fill up the original yoke’s handlebar holes with aluminium, and ground it down.

Damn it looks good! And another good thing is that I can maintain the original front arrangment. All in the name of economy, which is the whole idea anyway with this project! Re-use and save up!

I also get another surface to treat, will it be polished, brushed or blasted in the end?

Dunno for now! So WATCH THIS SPACE to find out! Peace!!// TDFimage image image image

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