The SRA-Enzmann506

The TDF enjoys working on his cars, motorcycles and othe oddities. The Enzmann came to the TDF’s kind attention through his father, informing him about a “550-Porsche-look-alike-kit-carish-advert” on the Internet. It turned out to be so much more…
August 2007 enter Enzmann in TDF’s garage. It’s been a curse and blessing ever since.
The curse is a mix of a glassfibreitching-rebuild in combination with non-functional brakes and dodgy Electrics, and, and, and…

As the car is still being rebuilt, the best thing with the Enzmann so far gotta be that it initiated the friendship with the Swedish Porsche 356 Community (there’s a 356 DNA in there somewhere mixed with a lot of VW T1), and Niklas Larsson. Check out his awsome Porsche/VW blog on:

Also, check out the new nice Enzmann506 website at:


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