TDF fly into a bad Bloody Mary, and serves you with a nice new recipe

Our favourite pink bird did a fly by at a small southern Swedish town yesterday.
T(ired)DF wanted a drink and though: Why not a classic Bloody Mary? (the only reason why the otherwise rather useless vegetable celery is allowed to exist and a Bloody Mary is full of vitamins).
Bad excuse for just plain red coloured water. No vegetables, no Worcestershire sauce, no pepper, no taste of spirits at all! TDF cried and wondered: Why can’t decent cocktails, or fix’em ups/drinks/groggs be found and served in this kind of town? Why oh why do we accept this “spirit illiteracy” amongst us?

But weekend is coming up and TDF wants to push for the classic Bloody Mary! TDF finds this as an excellent “in-between-drink” (i.e. you had a couple of cocktails, starting to feel a bit tiered and moody, but still have a full evening out ahead of you.
Then the advice is to always go for the Bloody Mary. It always perk you up, get you full of vitamins and remember it’s original design was for the day after, which makes it an excellent drink also for the day before! And quite frankly, a proper Bloody Mary with all the garnish and stuff is a work of art and will set you apart from all the “organic-beer-drinkin’-hippsters” in the room!  Simply put: – Birds dig Bloody Mary…
Now, for the devoted TDF follower, this is TDF’s take on the classic Blood Mary: 

“The Bleedin’ Brake” 
In your shaker you’ll have to mix:

54cfb93962ea9_-_brake-bleed-a-04072cl of Vodka, TDF suggest Pinky Vodka (mentioned at TDFcc previously)
4cl of Gin, aim for one with a more distinctive taste of juniper such as old skool “Beefeater” or any of the other of the London Dry
1 freshly killed Tomato (gently mixed)
A mix of chopped Dill, Black Pepper, five drops of Lime juice, Celery or Herb Salt
1 squeeze of the Tomato Paste
1 Celery Straw, cut the end with some insertions to get some of the Celery Juice out of the straw. Reuse straw later as garnish.
SHAKE WELL and taste it all off with more or less drops of Worcestershire Sauce

Pour over large ice cubes in a tumbler glass & garnish with the Celery Straw and some chopped Horse Radish


Drink, feel decadent and read up on Hemingway – This is true Flamingo love.



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