TDF at the annual Porsche 356 Klubb Sverige meeting

This weekend the TDF got his fare share of awesome 356 Porsches + one beautiful Devin Porsche.

Imagine three days of crazy 356 bonanza, with fellow Porsche nuts just wanting to talk everything Porsche! Oh – JOY!!

This is easily the coolest Porsche affiliated club of the Scandinavian region! Whereas Porsche Club Sweden ,a.k.a. PCS, does not have the same aura of coolness about them (hey, they are waaayy too serious about it all, some say even boring…), hanging out with Porsche 356 Klubb you’d struggle hard to find a nicer crew more devoted to the true values of Porsche-ownership than these guys.

Check out Porsche 356 Klubb Sverige, or even better – join them! Do it, do it now!!!





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