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The Yoke is on TDF

Progress with the top yoke for the front fork of the Coffee-Break-Cafe-Racer (maybe I should start to call it CBCR for short? Got both a Honda, and Punk Rock ring to it, don’t ya think?) anyway… The bike will have clip-ons instead of the standard Honda handlebar. Though most people would just keep the yoke as it is, or hunt… Read more →

Sunday sunday…

Good day to you my loyal followers. Whereas today will be a chill day for the Great Pink One, yesterday was not. Spent the morning wrestling the framework for the (now named) ‘Coffee-Break- Cafe-Racer’, because it’s basically being built during coffee breaks. Apart from this time, the framework… It’s a little bit busted on the left side, dunno if I’m… Read more →

Your favourite bird is back!

Hello Folks, calm down, calm down!!!  – for TDF is back! Sorry for not being online during summer holidays, but you probably have had a nice time without me during the summer anyway? Summer holidays is time to spend with family and folks, not to hang around the TDF-homepage! But now schools started, work started and the “oh-so-important” indoor season of our favourite hobby has pre-started.… Read more →

125cc Cafe Racer Project started…

The 125cc Honda CB125B6 from 1975 has been standing in the TDF’s workshop for some time now, and before the tender care of the TDF, it wa stored in the basement of an appartment building in Oskarshamn for some 20yrs… So, the idea is to turn this nifty Little Honda into a genuine-let’s-go-down-to-the-coffee-shop-for-a-decent-java-racer It’s going to be economy on this… Read more →