New addition to TDFcc!

Guzzi2Say hello to the new Moto Guzzi 850 T5 & Jeaniel sidecart combo of TDFcc!

One of our junior TDFs has given full approval of this newly acquired vehicle (she even managed to fall asleep next to the very loud exhaust whilst riding in the Jeaniel)! Do you recall the DKW250RT with the Steib350 mounted to it? Well that one got sold off in order to finance this one. Reliability was key reason, especially when you have a junior TDF that wants to ride with you!

Personal advice from TDF, if you want to introduce your off-spring to the hobby, put all prestige aside and go for reliable, fun solutions. Sure the DKW250RT was hardcore and mind you, I still love two-strokes, but the experience of trying to kick start a non functioning bike, in combination of a 8year old crying (with a pink-eye at the time) and awake way past her bedtime, on a very hot summer evening is not optimus for building a common interest with the said 8year old for the hobby.

The T5 has that ‘ugly-but-still-oh-so-very-cool-look’ about it, always starts, and easily hit 110km/h on the backroads around TDFcountry with two adults + kid, and the Jeaniel keep the kid dry and happy, has plenty of room for storing tools, fuel and candy (again, to keep the kid happy). TDF simply love all about it!

Only missing part is the original clock to the left on the dashboard, if anyone of the followers has one lying around (Veglia) for a Moto Guzzi 850 T5 1984, write TDF and we’ll make a deal! (I even throw in a TDFsticker in the deal)



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