WERA forever

TDF just landed this little badboy as a Christmas present (yes, flamingos celebrate Christmas too)! With the WERA Tool-Check PLUS TDF seriously doubt that there ever again be any problems when making roadside repairs. Honestly, you know that the standard kit that comes with your bike hardly covers it all, and that’s where the WERA comes to rescue! Use the pen… Read more →

The family is growing…

TDFcc got a new project yesterday, let us introduce to you our latest addition to the (ever growing) TDFcollection. The 1961 VW Käfer!!! Oh, what an interesting project! TDF feels exited! This is an early 1961, with rag top, and without fuel gauge! 1961 was otherwise the year fuel gauge became standard, but early examples like this one has the… Read more →

For the love of Borgward

Good morning fellow birdmen, and birdwomen! Let us all contemplate over a wonderful car named Borgward and its beautiful existence, until dark force Mercedes killed the company off through their bankruptcy claim against Bremens finest (hey everyone got paid in the end! All the money was there, you bastards! Curse you!). Found this pictures of my grandfather with his 1500 Hansa,… Read more →

TDF at the annual Porsche 356 Klubb Sverige meeting

This weekend the TDF got his fare share of awesome 356 Porsches + one beautiful Devin Porsche. Imagine three days of crazy 356 bonanza, with fellow Porsche nuts just wanting to talk everything Porsche! Oh – JOY!! This is easily the coolest Porsche affiliated club of the Scandinavian region! Whereas Porsche Club Sweden ,a.k.a. PCS, does not have the same aura of coolness about… Read more →

Your favourite bird is back!

Hello Folks, calm down, calm down!!!  – for TDF is back! Sorry for not being online during summer holidays, but you probably have had a nice time without me during the summer anyway? Summer holidays is time to spend with family and folks, not to hang around the TDF-homepage! But now schools started, work started and the “oh-so-important” indoor season of our favourite hobby has pre-started.… Read more →