The garage

There is a divine TDFcc garage. A place where dreams come true.

The Yoke is on TDF

Progress with the top yoke for the front fork of the Coffee-Break-Cafe-Racer (maybe I should start to call it CBCR for short? Got both a Honda, and Punk Rock ring to it, don’t ya think?) anyway… The bike will have clip-ons instead of the standard Honda handlebar. Though most people would just keep the yoke as it is, or hunt… Read more →

The family is growing…

TDFcc got a new project yesterday, let us introduce to you our latest addition to the (ever growing) TDFcollection. The 1961 VW Käfer!!! Oh, what an interesting project! TDF feels exited! This is an early 1961, with rag top, and without fuel gauge! 1961 was otherwise the year fuel gauge became standard, but early examples like this one has the… Read more →

Sunday sunday…

Good day to you my loyal followers. Whereas today will be a chill day for the Great Pink One, yesterday was not. Spent the morning wrestling the framework for the (now named) ‘Coffee-Break- Cafe-Racer’, because it’s basically being built during coffee breaks. Apart from this time, the framework… It’s a little bit busted on the left side, dunno if I’m… Read more →

New addition to TDFcc!

Say hello to the new Moto Guzzi 850 T5 & Jeaniel sidecart combo of TDFcc! One of our junior TDFs has given full approval of this newly acquired vehicle (she even managed to fall asleep next to the very loud exhaust whilst riding in the Jeaniel)! Do you recall the DKW250RT with the Steib350 mounted to it? Well that one got sold off in order to finance this… Read more →

HONDA CB125 – The lightweight Cafe

A short trip to the garage got the Flamingo to try out some small mods this week. Observe! TDFcc-pagevote is on: For colour I am thinking about staying with the black framework. Black rims and black hubs, polished spokes. The tank would look good in Slate Grey, favourite colour of HDF Steve McQueen (HDF – i.e. Honorary Drunken Flamingo) combined with some Honda HRC Blue/White/Red graphics.… Read more →

The Honda C110 gets some attention

The TDF joined the awesome Classic Honda Club last week. (check them out on Got my first contact with a club member the following day after the application was sent in regarding the timing mark on the C110 (TDF has timing problem on the C110) – thing is he called me, I didn’t call him…  Now this is truly a proactive club! So it… Read more →

The Enzi is getting a lick of paint on the inside

Shifting the obvious priority of changing the gearbox crown wheel (Enzi has four gears backwards and one forward at the time being) further down the list, and instead focusing on the interior. Final decision was to not use carpets on the inside instead showing the glass fibre patches from yesteryear. TDF thinks he made good decision because like all ancient structures… Read more →