The drinks

There is book known as “The book of TDF”, within its golden bindings you will find recepies of cocktails and World domination….

TDF fly into a bad Bloody Mary, and serves you with a nice new recipe

Our favourite pink bird did a fly by at a small southern Swedish town yesterday. T(ired)DF wanted a drink and though: Why not a classic Bloody Mary? (the only reason why the otherwise rather useless vegetable celery is allowed to exist and a Bloody Mary is full of vitamins). But… – NO FLAMINGO LOVE FOR THE BLOODY MARY AT GÄSTGIVARGÅRDEN IN VÄRNAMO! Bad excuse for just plain… Read more →

Premier: First cocktail recipe added!

Dear worshipers and followers. The pink one wants to enlighten you all with his very own special recipe for one of the ultimate drinks of flamingo coolness. And… -Yes of course it contains gin (it would not be safe for TDF to consume otherwise). This is: The Pale Flamingo  4cl Bols Apple Sour 2cl Vodka 2cl Gin (stay with fruity taste like Tanqueray or… Read more →