About TDFcc

“It’s not a club, it’s a movement”

The movement of TDFcc started in 2013 by a man finding himself in the rumble and ruins of betrayal.
As this brave hero with a broken heart & bank account set out in the sterile desert of loneliness in a search for the meaning of life & stuff, he entered a divine metamorphosis.
And on that day he rose from the ashes like an intoxicated flamingo version of the bird Phoenix, spreading his majestic pink wings to take to the sky where Zarathustra spoke and enlightened him – as he was the chosen one.
And on that day he was given the holy script that is known as The book of The Drunken Flamingo. Within its golden binding is to be found everything to be known from the heavenly instructions of the greatest gin based cocktails of eternity, to the path to total world domination.
And on that day he was also told to found a car club, to be known as The Drunken Flamingo car club.

Therefore it should be known that the TDFcc is not a club, it is a movement

We hope for you to behold and spread the good gospel of the TDF – as this is the only and true way of making sure you have fun in life.

  • Always serve and protect the species of Phoenicopterus ebriacus
  • Execute the God-given right to burn dinosaurs
  • Expel all bartenders of bad cocktails to infinity and beyond
  • Always drink coffee black
  • Eat meat
  • Let man & woman to know how to fix: his or her vehicle, faucet, romantic dinner, and partner
  • Love all and serve all

Peace & love – Stay real!