Monthly Archives: August 2015

Sunday sunday…

Good day to you my loyal followers. Whereas today will be a chill day for the Great Pink One, yesterday was not. Spent the morning wrestling the framework for the (now named) ‘Coffee-Break- Cafe-Racer’, because it’s basically being built during coffee breaks. Apart from this time, the framework… It’s a little bit busted on the left side, dunno if I’m… Read more →

TDF at the annual Porsche 356 Klubb Sverige meeting

This weekend the TDF got his fare share of awesome 356 Porsches + one beautiful Devin Porsche. Imagine three days of crazy 356 bonanza, with fellow Porsche nuts just wanting to talk everything Porsche! Oh – JOY!! This is easily the coolest Porsche affiliated club of the Scandinavian region! Whereas Porsche Club Sweden ,a.k.a. PCS, does not have the same aura of coolness about… Read more →

TDFcc supplies the Porsche Gmünd community with seat springs

TDFcc just supplied a first batch of replica seat springs for the first-ever-made-aluminium-clad-Porsches produced between 1948-50, a.k.a the Gmünd Coupé. TDF honours to make perfect fit replica springs for these “old waggons”, few things makes TDF more happy than replicate parts for cultural treasures like the Gmünd Porsche. The few lucky owners of these 50-some made cars will now have their seat comfort restored, making their ride… Read more →

New addition to TDFcc!

Say hello to the new Moto Guzzi 850 T5 & Jeaniel sidecart combo of TDFcc! One of our junior TDFs has given full approval of this newly acquired vehicle (she even managed to fall asleep next to the very loud exhaust whilst riding in the Jeaniel)! Do you recall the DKW250RT with the Steib350 mounted to it? Well that one got sold off in order to finance this… Read more →

Your favourite bird is back!

Hello Folks, calm down, calm down!!!  – for TDF is back! Sorry for not being online during summer holidays, but you probably have had a nice time without me during the summer anyway? Summer holidays is time to spend with family and folks, not to hang around the TDF-homepage! But now schools started, work started and the “oh-so-important” indoor season of our favourite hobby has pre-started.… Read more →