Monthly Archives: June 2015

With great sorrow TDF must report the loss of Don Featherstone

As you all know TDF is a big fan of Don’s work, especially the design of the original Pink Plastic Flamingo (designed in 1957).  But Don also made more that 600 other designs during his 43 years of employment at Union Products. He is also known for his wife and him matching their outfit during the years with same pattern shirts and skirts! Don Featherstone – a true inspiration! So it… Read more →

HONDA CB125 – The lightweight Cafe

A short trip to the garage got the Flamingo to try out some small mods this week. Observe! TDFcc-pagevote is on: For colour I am thinking about staying with the black framework. Black rims and black hubs, polished spokes. The tank would look good in Slate Grey, favourite colour of HDF Steve McQueen (HDF – i.e. Honorary Drunken Flamingo) combined with some Honda HRC Blue/White/Red graphics.… Read more →

TDFcc supplied springs for ex-cam

Friends and followers, as you all know TDFcc has a special place in it’s pink-coloured heart for ex-cam engines! Got notice last week that one ex-cam machine that we supplied springs for some years ago now finally is up and running, installed in bike. Follow link and enjoy the sound of the ex-cam, and of our springs! Enjoy! Read more →

Premier: First cocktail recipe added!

Dear worshipers and followers. The pink one wants to enlighten you all with his very own special recipe for one of the ultimate drinks of flamingo coolness. And… -Yes of course it contains gin (it would not be safe for TDF to consume otherwise). This is: The Pale Flamingo  4cl Bols Apple Sour 2cl Vodka 2cl Gin (stay with fruity taste like Tanqueray or… Read more →