Monthly Archives: April 2015

125cc Cafe Racer Project started…

The 125cc Honda CB125B6 from 1975 has been standing in the TDF’s workshop for some time now, and before the tender care of the TDF, it wa stored in the basement of an appartment building in Oskarshamn for some 20yrs… So, the idea is to turn this nifty Little Honda into a genuine-let’s-go-down-to-the-coffee-shop-for-a-decent-java-racer It’s going to be economy on this… Read more →

The SRA-Enzmann506

The TDF enjoys working on his cars, motorcycles and othe oddities. The Enzmann came to the TDF’s kind attention through his father, informing him about a “550-Porsche-look-alike-kit-carish-advert” on the Internet. It turned out to be so much more… August 2007 enter Enzmann in TDF’s garage. It’s been a curse and blessing ever since. The curse is a mix of a… Read more →